Timber deck repairs can save you thousands over the lifetime of your timber deck. Simply repairing and repainting your timber deck can make all the difference to your outdoor living area and ultimately the quality of your lifestyle. In recent years the Blue Mountains have seen massive changes to council regulations and rezoning. Devastating bushfires have resulted in a major review of building materials and location. Rebuilding a new timber deck may be cost prohibitive, and in some cases no longer an option with non combustible materials the new frontier in decks.

As a natural material timber is prone to warping, cracking and rotting. Without ongoing treatment nature will take it’s course and ultimately your deck will perish so maintenance is necessary to ensure it lasts longer. If your timber deck is past the point of maintenance and in need of repair, Evermore Painting offer a complete repair and repainting service. This service is a plank replacement and painting service only. Therefore it’s important to identify that your deck has solid foundations, joists and bearers and suitable for a timber plank replacement only.

Whether it’s merbau, jarrah, spotted gum or a lime weathered finish, your deck will last longer with a complete timber restoration process.

Timber Deck Restoration Services Include:

  • Removing old timber planks
  • Installing new timber planks
  • Cleaning and preparing older timber decks
  • Painting, sealing and refinishing timber decks

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“Restoration begins with an extensive specialised timber cleaning process that removes built up dirt and grime. Once the preparation process is complete the timber is repaired where required, and then a coat of premium preparation sealant is applied. This sealant is sanded back resulting in a smoother finish, and stained if required. The deck is cleaned once more before the application of multiple finishing and sealing coats.”


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