“An experienced house painter & decorator will increase the value of your property by at least twice the cost of painting it.”

Your house painter & decorator can make all the difference to the way your property is perceived by potential buyers. A well selected colour scheme breathes new life into a property and a quality finish sends a message that you care about your property.

Evermore Painting is a house painter & decorator takes care and pride from the preparation stages through to the final coat. This attention to detail and care factor is only one of the reasons you should contact Evermore Painting for your house painting service. says:

“Painting is a relatively cheap way of adding value to a property.

Danny spent about $11,500 renovating a house in Penrith, Sydney including spending $3,000 painting its insides and $1,800 painting its brick front facade.

While it is hard to have an exact figure of profit as he hasn’t had proper bank valuations done, a real estate valuation prior to renovating was around $400,000 and I can feel if he sold, he would have made $30,000 to $40,00.”


house painter decorator

Interior floors, walls and ceilings painted by Evermore Painting.
The value of this Wentworth Falls property was increased by $20,000.

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